Large-scale commercial planting

Do you want to grow morel mushroom? we can teach you the entire planting process, we can provide the whole morchella mycelium and materials

if you want to grow the morel mushroom (morchella) as your business, we can guide you.

here is some useful information:

1, Climate requirements:

morel mushroom like cold climate, so, you can't grow in the tropics.

this link is our local climate chart.


we put the seeds in the soil when the temp go down to 20 degree in september or october. 

we can get the morchella mushroom when the temp go up to 5-15 degree in feb-march.

you can sent your local climate chart to us, our email is [email protected], We can analyze whether it is suitable for planting through the information you provide.

2, Soil condition

Can not be desert, saline land, most other land is ok.

3,Raw materials, equipment and tools

morel seeds

morel seeds.jpg

bags and caps

Family planting morel equipment kit

Large autoclave equipment,for specific information, we will help you design according to your planting scale.

Edible Mushroom Sterilizer Machine 1.png



Shading net


morel-farm 3.jpg

Atomized micro-sprinkler irrigation system




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