Morchella Exogenous Nutrient Bagging machine ENB

Morchella Exogenous Nutrient Bagging machine


A. Exogenous nutrient bag (ENB) for morel cultivation. B. Large-scale morel cultivation showing ENB laying on the mushroom bed in a greenhouse. C. The method of cultivation of black morels using ENB differs from the cultivation methods used for other commercial mushrooms, such as the oyster mushroom (P. ostreatus), where fruiting bodies are produced directly from the bag containing a lignocellulosic substrate. Red arrow means flow of organic nutrients.

ENB is  Exogenous Nutrient Bag.

The ENB equipment we provide is shown in the video.  This is our hot selling product. 

Each machine can produce 50 bags per minute, with a maximum of 55 bags, greatly reducing manual workload and reducing planting costs. 

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