dry morchella mushroom

We are the biggest morel mushroom wholesaler in China and we offer high quality, low priced Morel products, like fresh morel (from feb-may), dry morel mushroom(the whole year), morchella esculenta,Morel wine and Morchella health care products.

Most of our morel products export to the Europe like France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Iceland.

Healthy food, global sharing




Contact: Mr.gramin

Phone: +86-13458981955

E-mail: 181827969@qq.com

Add: 12F, Deyang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park songhuajiang north road, jingyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province 618000 deyang China

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